Content Marketing

LeadIn Media specializes in Content Marketing in three categories: Brand Journalism (content writing), Conversion Copy (copywriting), and Editing/Proofreading.

Brand Journalism

Brand journalism – commonly known as content writing – is generally longer-form, intended to educate, inspire and draw in the reader to your brand’s story, mission and vision. Some services include:

Conversion Copy

Conversion copy is short-form, call-to-action copy. It’s intended to activate desire and encourage the purchase.

We tailor each package for each customer; ideally, we provide a blend of Brand Journalism and Conversion Copy as part of a comprehensive marketing campaign.

Editing and Proofreading Services

You write it. We edit it.

We know how much writing is involved in business – we write every day for hundreds of clients around the world – and we know how easy it is to miss errors, especially when you’re engaged in a myriad of projects.

The weaving of words into a story is an art form; we can help you transform the mood and effect of your narrative by elevating your style and proofreading your grammar. Even something as simple as an email can have a monumental impact – which is why we’re here to serve your business editing needs, including but not limited to the following:

Samples of Work

Whether you’re looking for magazine articles, blogs, resource guides, media kits or social media posts, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a small sample of the work we’ve written through the years.

Shortie but goodie

Young boy who lived on historic golf course grows up to be its general manager

Adidas Nite Jogger Activation Brief

English edits on Adidas Nite Jogger activation brief, in partnership with an Italian agency

Do you know Jessica Simpson?

Jessica Simpson performs at Caesars Windsor

Menzies Automotive Group Vendor Partner Pack

Partnership pack intended to attract vendor partners

Social Media Resource Guide

Attract, retain and engage your customers through social media

Women ready to 'build better communities from the ground up'

The Windsor Star's 16-page feature celebrates women who #ChooseToChallenge and accept a leadership role in a COVID-19 world.

The Best of Me

With a little reflection and a lot of acceptance, I learned self-love -- and found my way home.

Target HR

Corporate website content, edits and proofreading

Vxtra Health

Corporate website content and brand awareness

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