Content Marketing

LeadIn Media specializes in Content Marketing in three categories: Brand Journalism (content writing), Conversion Copy (copywriting), and Editing/Proofreading.

Brand Journalism

Brand journalism – commonly known as content writing – is generally longer-form, intended to educate, inspire and draw in the reader to your brand’s story, mission and vision. Some services include:

Conversion Copy

Conversion copy is short-form, call-to-action copy. It’s intended to activate desire and encourage the purchase.

We tailor each package for each customer; ideally, we provide a blend of Brand Journalism and Conversion Copy as part of a comprehensive marketing campaign.

Editing and Proofreading Services

You write it. We edit it.

We know how much writing is involved in business – we write every day for hundreds of clients around the world – and we know how easy it is to miss errors, especially when you’re engaged in a myriad of projects.

The weaving of words into a story is an art form; we can help you transform the mood and effect of your narrative by elevating your style and proofreading your grammar. Even something as simple as an email can have a monumental impact – which is why we’re here to serve your business editing needs, including but not limited to the following:

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