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Over the years, LeadIn Media has been privileged to work with some of the world’s most innovative and influential brands, from flourishing startups to groundbreaking organizations.


We can tell you how we’ve supported, amplified and partnered with some of the most impressive organizations from around the world. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what they have to say:

As co-artistic directors at Victoria Playhouse Petrolia, we were introduced to Anna this year. Her writing stands out as a favourite of ours, throughout our 30+ year professional career. We find her to be clear and witty with a talent for taking our wishes and turning them into an entertaining piece for readers. Anna’s interest in theatre on a personal level shines through her writing and we can attribute an upswing in ticket sales each time one of her articles is released. She keeps readers engaged and is able to seamlessly weave necessary facts into her storytelling to create a captivating synopsis of what’s to come at the VPP. We look forward to working with her moving forward!
David Rogers & David Hogan
Broadway actor (Phantom of the Opera) & Artistic director (Victoria Playhouse Petrolia)
Anna Cabrera is a phenomenal mastermind for marketing. Her writing and content ideas are exceptional. Anna's brilliance is in her ability to help clients be GENUINE. A character that she role models like a shining star!
Angie Gallagher
Photographer and entrepreneur
Michael (MDC) is a larger than life, real world, business and Linkedin super-hero. Do not hire him if:

-- You don't want to grow.
-- You don't want to make more money.
-- You don't care about growing on Linkedin
-- You don't want someone who will speak honestly, openly, and with integrity.

DO hire him if:

-- You want the best
-- You want to see business and revenue growth
-- You want someone who knows what he is doing and knows how to help your company grow.

In short, Michael is great. If you have a chance to work with him...and you don't jump at the chance to do are missing out BIG TIME.

Feel free to reach out to me personally about it and I'll tell you the same thing.

Thanks my man. I appreciate all you do!
Joshua W. Desha
What Michael David Chapman doesn’t know about LinkedIn or sales isn’t worth knowing.

I first met Michael via the platform when he was already a big influencer with a large following and an almost mythical status as one of the original old-timers and most experienced people on the platform. Most people who have spent time on LinkedIn know that he coached some of the most popular and most prominent personalities on the platform today.

Except you won’t hear that from him. Because he has never made a big deal of it, he instead reaches out to small squirts like me who were full of dumb questions, defensiveness, and apprehension about even using LinkedIn. Fast-forward, and I am confident and have 28K followers. What he taught me helped me use the platform to build a network and build a business. I now have clients from all over the world NYC, Spain, UK, Ireland. Something I could never have imagined.

I now refer my client to MDC and his thriving business. Many coaches and agencies on this platform claim to be LinkedIn experts; however, they lack a thorough understanding of sales. MDC is results-driven; if you’re not getting leads, he takes it personally! He treats all my clients and me with kindness and respect; if you don’t understand socials or sales and feel out of your depth, he is the perfect starting point. Better still, if you are a company and need to train your team, this is your man.
Paris Cutler
Paris Cutler Consulting
I am a picky person, but I was so lucky to have Anna on board to do the job. First of all, I would like to mention her professionalism and commitment, and beside that, her patience and cooperation to realize this job in the best way. Thanks a lot Anna and we shall work again on another bigger job.
Ahmad Yassine
Film Director (Canada)
So lucky I've met Anna. She can do it all: proofreading, editing, writing, always maintaining great quality standards and creativity when needed. Also very fun to work with!
Sebastian Comelli
Art Director (Italy)
Having had the opportunity to work with Michael on my LinkedIn profile and discuss strategies has allowed me to experience him in operation. I have found an extremely knowledgeable man with an excellent understanding of what works and how to implement it. I have been blown away by his insights and methods, which are creative, engaging, and innovative. In addition, his understanding of my pain points and obstacles allows him to move straight to solution options, which is refreshing in his industry.

I cannot recommend Michael and his business methods highly enough. I will shout his praise from the top of the mountains mainly due to my experience working with him firsthand. A true genius in his space
Roy Kowarski
Out There Branding
Michael and his organization have been a great resource in growing my company. When I started working with Michael, I was frustrated with other LinkedIn services with BOTs sending messages for possible connections. Although they claimed they had a strategy, it didn't really work and got minimal response. Michael and his team have a framework. They work your company into that framework and then continue to tweak it until the results are coming in. They continue to grow and shift with your business as it changes and grows. I highly recommend working with them. Real people, driving real results to help you grow your business.
Apryl Syed
Apryl Syed Consulting
I would strongly recommend Michael to anyone looking for strategic support in growing their business. Michael thinks outside the box and constantly comes up with innovative, clever ways to drive your business’s growth in ways you had yourself not envisaged. So thanks, Michael, for your great support and service!
Saranne Segal
Anna is a lovely person to work with and so professional. She has always delivered on her promises and all my clients that I've referred her to have given nothing but compliments on her work and professionalism. She has a lot of wisdom to share and is also a great friend. I highly recommend meeting her and working with her.
Jocelyn Him
Digital Media Specialist and Project Manager (USA)
Michael Chapman is a genius. He and his team got us so many warm leads we had to pause after two months to handle the volume of prospective clients.
Jared Rosen
Working with Michael and his team was a pleasure. In addition to their generosity and constantly going above and beyond, they are honest, diligent and committed to excellence. Micheal and his team rapidly increased my brand clarity and quickly ramped up my lead generation in a way that was authentic to me. I highly recommend jumping in with this great group.
Helena Goto
After enjoying Michael's content for years, I finally reached out to learn about his company (and quickly became a client). Not only did he coach me in sales 1-1, but his team of talented and professional virtual assistants has now been helping me with marketing outreach. Michael's team has gone WAY above and beyond the regular call of duty. We've had very personal conversations as friends as a result of our professional relationship. On the business side, he's taken me from nearly $0 to 5-figure monthly revenue in only a few weeks. He is one of the most positive influences in my life, and I have endless gratitude for the complex lessons he taught me in a fast and straightforward way. He is someone who 'gets it done and he just 'gets it.' He gets into the details and never misses the big picture. I have referred friends and family to Michael because he and his partners have my full trust. I always look forward to our weekly calls and the plethora of data that drives our strategic focus and adjusts it along the way. Thank you, Michael.
Dr Brian Harman
I'd heard so many great things about Michael and his team through a mutual friend of ours, Dr Brian Harman, so I decided to hop on a discovery call with the S&A Agency to hear more about how they could support me when it comes to lead generation on LinkedIn. Michael was a straight shooter so I decided to use his services for 30 days - they created a bespoke strategy for me, incorporating the use of the new 'voice note' function on the LinkedIn app, with my prospects later telling me they were pleasantly shocked by my refreshing outbound strategy!
Ravi Rajani
Ravi Rajani Consulting