Are LinkedIn Showcase Pages Right For Your Business?

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Showcase Pages on LinkedIn can be a wonderful method of shining a spotlight onto your business, as well as showing how it can stand out amongst the crowd. It can be easy to think that these pages are unimportant compared to other marketing endeavors, but they can actually go a long way towards making your brand visible.

About LinkedIn Showcase Pages

First, it helps to understand what a LinkedIn Showcase Page is. A Showcase Page is an addition to a Company Page, which focuses upon individual projects and brands, letting them target a specific audience. Each part of your business will have its own unique identity, so multiple Showcase Pages that illustrate the dimensions of each can help grow your engagement massively.

How To Use Them

A Showcase Page is only as good as its search engine optimization. People need to be clicking onto your page and brand, so it helps to use the right keywords to aid your search results. Be sure not to overuse them – transparently stuffing keywords to boost your search rankings could have the opposite effect and make your writing appear less coherent.

On top of this, you would benefit from adding direct links to your services, as well as logos and header images. The latter may not especially impact the search rankings, but they will make the page seem more complete and attractive to your potential audience. People make their first judgment on a brand or page in a matter of seconds, which could be your downfall if it appears that you don’t want to make the effort to fully showcase your brand.

A Showcase Page also allows you to provide regular updates on the service, brand, or product that the page is dedicated to. This gives you the ability to maintain the momentum of your marketing strategies and continuously generate new customers and business partners. The analytics feature of these pages can also show you what works and what doesn’t – if some posts are gaining more traction than others, it can be a sign to pivot your plans slightly.

Is A LinkedIn Showcase Page Right For My Business?

However, there are circumstances where you may not necessarily be able to reap the benefits. Small business owners might not be able to keep with the workload that maintaining these pages will require. It is definitely not impossible and may still be worth trying out, but there are only so many hours in the day that a small team can dedicate towards their LinkedIn presence. It doesn’t help that your Showcase Page will begin with zero followers, making it something of an uphill battle.

In many cases, Showcase Pages are a wonderful addition to any business’s online presence, but you’ll have to put the work in, and not everyone can do this for many reasons. By curating these pages well, and updating them regularly, you can make sure that they stand as a testament to your commitment. That being said, they are not for everybody – as always, do what works best for your business.

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