5 Key Practices For Social Media Lead Generation

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Over half of all internet users are active on social media. Regular use of social media platforms allows these sites to collect massive amounts of data, and business leaders and organizations are leveraging social media data to generate valuable leads. Are you still wondering if you should consider social media for lead generation? Here are some social media marketing facts that might convince you to give it a try:

• Businesses that use social media marketing save around 45% on marketing costs
• Organizations that use social media to generate leads experience a 24% growth
• As of 2018, almost 70% of businesses were using social media for lead generation
• Around 80% of businesses on social media struggle with lead improvement
• While the average lead will cost you about $2.50 on Google, it will cost $0.80 on Facebook

Now let’s look at some practices that can help you generate leads from social media.

1. Links To Gated Content

Valuable content is king. Everyone wants access to information that impacts their life. If an organization has valuable insights about a product or service they provide, they should put this content behind a gate. The content can be an e-book or other downloadable content. Once you share the link to the content on social media, users will be required to fill in their name and email address to access the content.

2. Social Media Advertising 

Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn offer lead generation ads. These ads target specific audiences on social media, enabling marketers to collect leads that have already shown interest in the products or services they offer. Social media users do not have to click on the ads; they click on the form and fill it in less than 30 seconds. In exchange, they get free access to an e-book or gated content. 

3. Hold Contests On Social Media

While some might argue that this strategy has been milked dry, it still works. Running a contest serves two major purposes; it enables businesses to generate more leads and reach a wider audience since contestants usually share them with family and friends. 

4. Geo-Targeting

Social medial platforms allow marketers to target audiences in specific locations. Marketers can send lead generation ads, promotions, gated content, and polls to different audiences based on their geographical location. 

5. Webinars And Live Videos

Most businesses that hold webinars require attendees to register in advance. This allows such businesses to collect as many relevant leads as they can before the webinar. Businesses do live videos when they want to make an announcement, are holding an event, or want to respond to feedback from social media users. Organizations turn viewers into leads by doing in-video promotions. They can also direct viewers to landing pages and contests and add links to webinars, polls, and forms. 

Almost all businesses need to market their products and services. The mark of a successful marketing campaign is the number of leads it generates. Using the key practices for social media lead generation we have mentioned above can promote organizational growth and development and take your business to new heights.

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